I’m a third year PhD student in the University of Wisconsin-Madison statistics program. Before grad school, I got a degree in statistics at Rice University. Previously I interned at RStudio, conducted biostats research at Fred Hutch, and led canoe trips for YMCA Camp Menogyn.

I’m interested in building statistical tools, and how statistics can help people make better decisions. In my free time, I enjoy long afternoon bike rides.


March 2020: I’ve accepted an internship with the Graph Science and Statistics group within Core Data Science at Facebook for the summer.

March 2020: I passed the M.S. exam and will pick up my M.S. degree at the end of the spring semester as a midpoint on my way to the Ph.D.

August 2019: Passed the Ph.D. qualifying exams.

May 2019: I recieved an Outstanding Teaching Assistant 2018-2019 award from the UW-Madison stats department for my work as a TA!

March 2019: I co-organized the Chicago R Unconference with Angela Li and Emily Riederer! That’s a lie, Angela organized everything, but it was blast and I spent the weekend helping people make their first open source contributions to broom.

January 2019: rstudio::conf(2019) was an absolute blast! It was a pleasure to spend two days teaching the tidymodels approach to machine learning in R with Max Kuhn and Davis Vaughn (workshop materials). I also presented on broom and how it can smooth modeling workflows (video, slides).

August 2018: Finished my fantastic summer with rstudio and moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

May 2018: Spent a week learning about climate modelling at SAMSI’s undergraduate workshop. I highly recommend undergrads in statistics check it out!

May 2018: Graduated from Rice with a B.A. Statistics and Distinction in Research and Creative Work.

April 2018: I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be an intern at RStudio this summer! I’ll be working with David Robinson on the broom package and I couldn’t be more excited!

April 2018: It’s official! I’ll be pursuing a PhD in statistics at UW-Madison beginning in the fall!

January 2018: Had a great time at Data Day Texas in Austin!

October 2017: Either this month I presented a poster on the work done by the Hurricane Harvey data team at the Rice Data Science Conference. I also went to Durham for the SAMSI undergraduate workshop on climate and earth systems modelling.

August 2017: Hurricane Harvey rolled through Houston and I spent the week analyzing data under Provost Miranda to support decision making by the crisis management team.

August 2017: Summer at the Hutch wrapped up with a vibrant poster competition. Excited to be working with Dr. Genevera Allen to identify biomarkers predictive of cognitive resilience to Alzheimer’s for the next semester!

July 2017: Some small open source contributions to the recipes package.

June 2017: Started the month by attending Cascadia R Conference before heading up to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where I worked with Dr. Elizabeth Brown analyzing social influences on drug regimen adherence in the MTN 020 ASPIRE clinical trial.

May 2017: Just finished up my first Shiny application, an interactive visualization tool designed to help explore corpora of old English texts. Along the way I fixed some bugs in the highcharter package and made my first contributions to the open source world.

January 2017: Attended the ML @ Rice 2017 conference.