January 2019: rstudio::conf(2019) was an absolute blast! It was a pleasure to spend two days teaching the tidymodels approach to machine learning in R with Max Kuhn and Davis Vaughn (workshop materials). I also presented on broom and how it can smooth modeling workflows (video, slides).

August 2018: I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be co-teaching a workshop on machine learning with Max Kuhn at rstudio::conf 2019.

August 2018: Finished my fantastic summer with rstudio and moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

May 2018: Spent a week learning about climate modelling at SAMSI’s undergraduate workshop. I highly recommend undergrads in statistics check it out!

May 2018: Graduated from Rice with a B.A. Statistics and Distinction in Research and Creative Work.

April 2018: I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be an intern at RStudio this summer! I’ll be working with David Robinson on the broom package and I couldn’t be more excited!

April 2018: It’s official! I’ll be pursuing a PhD in statistics at UW-Madison beginning in the fall!

January 2018: Had a great time at Data Day Texas in Austin!

October 2017: Either this month I presented a poster on the work done by the Hurricane Harvey data team at the Rice Data Science Conference. I also went to Durham for the SAMSI undergraduate workshop on climate and earth systems modelling.

August 2017: Hurricane Harvey rolled through Houston and I spent the week analyzing data under Provost Miranda to support decision making by the crisis management team.

August 2017: Summer at the Hutch wrapped up with a vibrant poster competition. Excited to be working with Dr. Genevera Allen to identify biomarkers predictive of cognitive resilience to Alzheimer’s for the next semester!

July 2017: Some small open source contributions to the recipes package.

June 2017: Started the month by attending Cascadia R Conference before heading up to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where I worked with Dr. Elizabeth Brown analyzing social influences on drug regimen adherence in the MTN 020 ASPIRE clinical trial.

May 2017: Just finished up my first Shiny application, an interactive visualization tool designed to help explore corpora of old English texts. Along the way I fixed some bugs in the highcharter package and made my first contributions to the open source world.

January 2017: Attended the ML @ Rice 2017 conference.