June 4, 2024

I’m a PhD candidate in Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I am co-advised by Keith Levin and Karl Rohe. I study spectral methods for network analysis, causal inference, and causal inference on networks. I blog about statistics, programming, and data.

I’m presenting at NetSci 2024!

Estimating network-mediated causal effects via spectral embeddings
2024-06-17 @ 11:45 am, SINM Satellite, NetSci 2024
Alex Hayes and Keith Levin

i’m looking for a job!

  • I am an experienced R package developer and open-source project maintainer. You might know me from my work on broom, a popular open-source R package in the tidyverse.

  • I enjoy writing and care a lot about explaining things clearly. I’m particularly proud of this explanation of overfitting and this explanation of hypothesis testing.

  • I have extensive experience with network data, causal inference, regression, embeddings and clustering.

  • I excel at applied statistics, especially developing new methods to analyze complex data sets.

  • I love to collaborate with social scientists and product teams on involved projects.

You can find my resume here. I’m currently based in Madison, WI.